Create your own currency!

For Consumers:

Manage all of the store credit and loyalty points you receive in one wallet!

Once you have the store currency from a MyCurrency-enabled merchant, you can spend it right away, save it for later, or offer it up for other micro-currencies with MyCurrency's built in Offer feature!

The MyCurrency app lets you conveniently check on your store credit balances, to see how much you have available to spend at your local neighbourhood stores, and also review the local Craigslist postings from other MyCurrency users who are offering currency trades.

Want a dog shampoo service but only have donair shop points? Find another user who has store credit for a local dog shampoo service, and offer them a trade! Or post your offer on Craigslist, and have the listing advertised to all MyCurrency users automatically! Maybe someone will contact you, and you'll make that trade.

With MyCurrency, a world of money, enabled by personal/micro currencies, is opened up!

For Store Owners:

MyCurrency allows you to issue your own store currency, with a click of a button! All you need is the free MyCurrency app.

Your customers get loyalty points with the added benefit of liquidity that comes from the points being in the form of a currency. That means that your customers can transfer their loyalty points to friends and family, or trade them with others.

This is a revolution in commerce that empowers individuals to trade a wide assortment of micro-currencies for the goods/services they need.

As a store or business owner, you can issue a currency to:

• Act as a store of value that people can redeem for your professional services (e.g. landscaping, consulting, tutoring, babysitting, you name it!)
• Be used as loyalty points for your business, that reward and incentivize customer purchases
• Trade the merchandize or services of your business for those of another business, allowing you and your counter-party to get what you need without either party having to spend scarce dollars or euros

You can issue as many currency units as you want, and the only fee MyCurrency charges is a 5% charge on all issuances, paid in the currency issued. You never have to spend dollars, euros or any other national currency to use the app. Your own currency is payment enough.

It's completely free to sign up and start using MyCurrency! Download the app today!