Create your own currency!


• Lets you launch a mobile-native store currency for free

• Much more than loyalty points, store currency can be traded and transferred by your customers

• Any customer that has the MyCurrency app installed on their smartphone can receive your store currency


• Store all the store currency from MyCurrency-enabled businesses on one app

• Use the MyCurrency app to find currency swaps with other MyCurrency users in order to trade the store currencies you have for the store currencies you need

• Complete freedom to transfer the store currency you receive, making MyCurrency-based points far more useful than points issued through traditional loyalty programs

Video Instructions

Introduction to MyCurrency

How to Create your first Currency and your first Store

Written Instructions

• Registering a user account and creating your first currency, store and product:

• Making offers to other people on MyCurrency to trade currencies:

• Linking Craigslist posts to the MyCurrency platform:

MyCurrency API

The MyCurrency API reference guide: