Create your own currency!



What is the MyCurrency App? 

MyCurrency is a revolutionary app that lets any individual create their own currency.

How do I install the MyCurrency App on my smartphone?

Download the app today to try it out! It’s 100% free!

Play Store / Android download:

App Store / iPhone download:

How do I Sign up and Register?

You can follow the instructions below: 

  1. Sign up for an account using Google or Facebook

  2. After signing up, the app will ask for a username. Type it in the blank field under Username then click on Next (Please choose carefully, usernames cannot be edited/changed after completing the signup process)

  3. Next, you have the option to add a Photo then click on Next (this is also the last time you can still change your username, by clicking on the “back” bottom)

  4. The last step is to select one of the locations from the Suggested Locations list that is closest to you. You can also type in your city and country and select the one that applies to where you are located. Then click on Finish

  5. To confirm that the Registration was successful, you will get a Welcome banner with your username on it. Just click on the “Got it” button to finish the process.

  6. You will be taken to your list of currencies, which will be empty since you still haven’t created any currencies.

  7. For customers: You can now provide your username to the business owner/shop/store to receive your loyalty points. For store owners: You can proceed to the next steps to create your first currency, store and product.

What is a currency?

In the MyCurrency app, a currency is a system of points issued by a user that pay for goods/services provided by that user.

What is a Public Holding?

For each currency that you hold, you have a Public Holding and a Private Holding, which is like a public account and a private account. The number of units in your Public Holding is publicly visible. The number of units in your private holding is private, meaning others can’t see it.

If you want others to know how many units of a currency you have available for a trade or to sell, you should transfer it from your Private Holding to your Public Holding.

What is a Private Holding?

A Private Holding is your private account for each particular currency that you have. The number of units in your Private Holding is private - other users can’t see it.

You should transfer any units of a currency that you have and don’t want other users to see from your Public Holding to your Private Holding. The Private Holding is where all loyalty points or currencies you get from shops get transferred to by default.

What is a burn rate? 

A burn rate is the annual rate at which currency loses value while it is held by a user. This is to prevent currency hoarding and encourage your customers to spend at your store. The burn rate is applied on a daily basis.

What is the burn amount?

This is the amount of currency that you have lost to date from the daily burnings.

What is “Other Currencies?”

Currencies that you hold that you are not the issuer of. This is where you find your loyalty points from shops. 

Why can’t I find my location on the list?

MyCurrency currently has 712 cities in its database so your town/city might not appear on the list. You can choose the city that is on the list that is nearest to your location. 

Is the app really 100% free?

Yes, it is. If you are a business small owner, the only thing we would charge you is 5% of your loyalty points when you issue points to yourself or your customers after your first 1000 points.

How does MyCurrency determine the value of the currencies created on it?

The currencies are not convertible to cash, and have no price on MyCurrency. They are redeemable in the currency issuer's products and services. The currency issuer is the one that determines what products/services the currency is redeemable in, and how many units of the currency each product/service costs.

Does the app work offline? Do I need the internet to use the app?

The app does not work offline. You will need to be connected to the internet to use it but you do not need to be online to receive your loyalty points or another currency. 


How do I use our store currency as loyalty points?

When you create your own currency, it could be your loyalty points as well.

How do I issue my store currency to my customers?

You can follow the instructions below: 

1.      On your wallet, click on your loyalty-points/currency you want to replenish.

2.      Click on “Issue Currency”.

3.      Click on “To User”

4.      Type in the number of points you want to issue to the customer in the Amount field

5.     Type in the username of the customer in the Username field

6.      Don’t forget to select the username

7.      Click on “Issue currency”

8.      You will get a confirmation banner that you can show the customer as proof that points had been sent. 

**If the provided username did not appear when you typed it, please double check the spelling or it could mean that the customer is not yet a registered MyCurrency user. 

How do I trade our store currency with another user?

You can follow the instructions on this link:

Can I set my burn rate to just 0?

Yes, you can. 

How do I create a store?

You can follow the instructions here starting from Step 14:


How do I add a product to my store?

You can follow the instructions here starting from Step 18:

How do I send the currency I own to another user?

You can follow the instructions below: 

  1. On your wallet, click on your store currency.

  2. Depending on which holding the currency you want to send to is stored, click either Public or Private Holding tab.

  3. Click on Transfer to

  4. Click on the “To User” tab

  5. Type in the amount of points you want to send in the Amount field

  6. Then type in the username of the user you want to send the points to, in the Username field.

  7. Click on the blue Transfer button.

  8. You should get a confirmation Transfer details banner that shows the amount you transferred and your balance for that currency.

  9. Hit the Close button to close the banner.

How do I issue more units of my own currency to myself to replenish it once I’ve used it all?

You can follow the instructions below: 

  1. On your wallet, click on your loyalty points/currency.

  2. Loyalty points/currency you want to replenish to yourself would always be stored in your Private Holding tab.

  3. Click on “Issue Currency”.

  4. Click on “To Myself(Private)”

  5. Type in the amount of loyalty points/currency you want to issue to yourself in the Amount field

  6. Click on “Issue Currency”.

  7. You should get a confirmation Issuance details banner that shows the amount you issued to yourself and your balance for that currency. An additional 5% has been issued to pay the issuance fee.

  8. You can click on the Close button

How do I delete/remove/unlist a product from my store?

When you first create a product, you have the option to deactivate it within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can no longer deactivate it. You can either cancel or discontinue the product. 

Cancelling the product would remove it from your store but it will count as one cancellation on your public record. 

Discontinuing the product is a cancellation with a 30 day delay. After 30 days your product will be cancelled giving your customers plenty of time to order your product before it is removed from your store. Another advantage is that if you discontinue the product, it will not count as one cancellation on your public record. 

How do I change the price of a product?

MyCurrency does not give you the option to change the price of a product. You have to deactivate/cancel/discontinue the product first, and then just add the product again with the updated price.

Why can’t I change the price of the product?

The reason for this limitation is so that if someone offers you a trade of currency, you know that they will not be able to change the price of their products after the trade is done.

I paid a 5% issuance fee, who gets the fee? 

This is how MyCurrency earns. It is not by cash but by the currency or loyalty points a business owner issues. 

How many different currencies can I create?

There is no limit. You can create a dozen of different currencies if you want 

I ran out of store currency to send to my customers. How do I replenish my currency?

You can issue currency to yourself or directly issue it to your customers. 

Here are the instructions:

  1. In your Wallet’s dashboard, click on your Currency

  2. Click on Issue Currency, the green button on the bottom of the page

  3. If you want to issue the points to yourself

    1. Click on the tab “To Myself(Private)

    2. Type in the amount of points that you want to issue on the Amount field

  4. If you want to issue the points directly to the customer

    1. Click on the tab “To User”

    2. Type in the amount of points that you want to issue on the Amount field

    3. Type in the username of the customer you want to issue the points to in the Username field

    4. Click on the username of the customer

  5. Click on Issue Currency

  6. You should get a Confirmation banner with the details of the transaction

Do vouchers expire?

Yes, it would expire in 30 days. 

How many stores can I have?

There is no limit.

How many products can I have in my store?

There is no limit.

If my internet is down, can I send the customers their store currencies at a later time?

Yes, as long as you’re able to manually record it in the meantime. 

Do people need to be a MyCurrency user to get store currencies?

Yes, you need to provide a MyCurrency registered username to the shop so they can send you your store currencies.


How do I claim my store currency from the shop?

You just need to download the app, sign up and give your username to the shop’s owner. They will send the points to you in real time.

How do I redeem a voucher?

Click on the Voucher that you want to redeem and a QR code should appear.

You can show this QR code to the Store/Shop’s cashier and they should be able to scan it with their MyCurrency app so you can claim the item/service that the Voucher is redeemable for.

I don’t see the store currencies I received under My Currencies list. Where do I find them?

It is in the Other Currencies list. Any currency that you hold that you are not the issuer of appears under the ‘Other Currencies’ tab.

How do you leave a review for the store?

Once you found the store, just scroll down to the bottom of the store’s page and you can select the number of stars you want and click on Submit. Then it would ask you to type in a review for the store/shop. Click on Save to save your review for the shop/store. 

What does “cancellation” on the store page mean?

This is how many times a product has been cancelled by the store owner, without giving the customers a 30 day notice. 

What does this notice mean: “This product will be in activation mode for another _h _m.”

This gives the store owner 24 hours to delete/remove their product without it counting as a cancellation on their public records. 

How do I redeem a product from the shop using their store currency? 

You can order a product from their store page within the MyCurrency app. Once you are in their store page

Are the store currencies convertible to cash? 

It could be, you can trade it for actual cash. 

Can I use other currencies issued by another store to buy products from another store?

It would depend on the store owners. Some shops would accept other shop’s loyalty points if they can use it themselves. 

Can I use my own issued currency to buy from any store?

You can offer them trade for your currency within the app. 

Can I pay bills using my own issued currencies?

This is not an option at the moment. 

How do I find the stores I want to buy products from?

On your My Wallet dashboard:

  1. Click on the Stores tab on the bottom of the page

  2. Then you can Search the stores or the products you are looking for by clicking the Search icon on top of the page and type the store name or item name

  3. You can both check Nearby Stores or Global Stores 

Can I borrow store currencies?

That functionality is not provided yet. 

How do I find users who have the currencies I want?

There are different options on how you can search for them. 

If the points/currency is in your wallet, you can click on the currency then click on the Currency Information link. On the bottom of the page, click on the Public Holders link. It would show you a list of Users who own these currencies in their Public Holdings. 

Another option is to look for a listing that is offering the points you are looking for. You can follow the instructions below to do this:

  1. Click on the Listings tab on the bottom of your My Wallet dashboard.

  2. Click on the Browse tab

  3. Click on Location to search for the location from where you want the Users are located. 

  4. Then you can click on Local or the Global tab and start browsing from there. You can click on the listing of the points you want and it would show the user who posted the listing and own these points. 

The last option is to create a listing, advertising that you are looking for a specific currency/points.

  1. Click on the Listings tab on the bottom of your dashboard.

  2. Then click on the New button

  3. Type in the Title of your listing, it should be identical to what you will post in Craigslist. 

  4. Click on Copy Info button

  5. Then click on the Craigslist link and create your posting on Craigslist

  6. Once you are done, please paste the link from Craigslists post to the Craiglist URL field on the MyCurrency App

  7. Finish the process by clicking Publish listing button

  8. It should automatically appear on the My Listings list and all Local and Global Listings

How do I find the store currencies that I want?

You can’t search for the points but you can search for the store/shop that issued it or the products that you can purchase from the points you want. 

Can I search for the products I want?

Yes, you can. You can click on the Stores tab then click on the search button and type in the product name and it will give you the results of all the stores that are offering this product. 

I received a store currency. How do I buy products with them?

You can buy products from their shop within the MyCurrency app. You just need to search their store and choose the product that is available to order. You can follow the instructions below:

  1. On your My Wallet page, click on the Stores tab on the button

  2. Then click on the Search button on the top left to search for the store 

  3. Once you are in the store page, you can browse for the product you want to order and that you have enough points for and then click the item.

  4. Then click on Order Product.

  5. Please make sure you have the right amount of quantity then click on Order Product again. 

  6. You will then get a “Your Order” confirmation page. 

  7. If you are already in the store, you need to show them the voucher for your order so you can claim it from their shop. You can click the Go to vouchers list button to find the voucher. 

  8. Click on the voucher to show them the QR code and the shop could scan it with their app.

How do I get more store currencies from a specific store? 

It would depend on the shop’s promotions. 

Can I send the store currencies back to the store in exchange for cash?

Only if the shop has announced this option. 

Do shops buy store currencies back?

Yes, they could but it is their choice. 

Can the shops refuse to accept the store currencies they issued when a customer tries to purchase items/services using the currency?

No, they cannot. 

Can the shops refuse to redeem the voucher and to honor the purchase of an item bought with the loyalty points they issued?

MyCurrency cannot guarantee that a shop will honor the purchase of an item bought using the loyalty points they issued. Customers must do their own diligence before they can decide whether they can trust the loyalty points being offered to them on the MyCurrency platform. 

Can I post the currency I have for sale/trade on other platforms aside from Craigslist?

Yes, you’re free to post it on any platform you want. Craigslist is the only platform that is integrated within the app which increases the visibility of your Craigslist post in the MyCurrency platform. 

How do I make sure that I will receive the currency I bought/traded from another user?

We cannot guarantee that any transaction done outside the MyCurrency platform will push through. Any offer/trade done within the MyCurrency app is automatically executed by the app, ensuring that both parties receive the points/currencies promised to them. However, MyCurrency cannot guarantee that the currency issuer will produce the items/service bought using the points/currency.